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What is Mewing?


Mewing is named after Dr. Mike Mew, a British orthodontist it is a do-it-yourself facial restructuring technique involving tongue placement.

Though the exercises seem to have exploded on YouTube and other sites, mewing itself is not technically new.

In reality, appropriate tongue alignment is recommended by some orthodontists and other medical professionals as a way to define the jaw, proper speech impediments, and potentially alleviate pain from jaw-related issues.

Despite the hype, mewing has a lot of limitations and may not function like you might find on a YouTube video. If you’ve got medical concerns about your mouth and jaw, you’re better off visiting a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Does mewing work?

In the center of mewing is studying how to reposition your tongue right into a new resting place.

Supporters of the technique believe that, over time, your tongue posture will change your overall facial attributes, most notably the jawline.

Individuals also believe it may help alleviate jaw pain and provide relief from snoring.

Mewing is assumed to work by making your jawline more defined, which may help shape your face and possibly make it seem thinner, also.

A fast search on YouTube will direct you to videos of the others who’ve tried the method and have supposedly gotten effects. (There are a few videos that debunk the trend, also ).

Proponents of mewing also feel that it isn’t the workout that affects your face, but instead the lack of mewing that may transform your jawline for the worse.

It could even potentially offer corrective techniques for children with tongue posture problems that might lead to irregular snacks and address difficulties, as discussed in one study Trusted Source.

On the other hand, experts fear that individuals who are in need of surgical or surgery work may mistakenly try mewing rather than help mend any problems on their own.

Mewing before and after images are unreliable:

YouTube videos, along with numerous before and after pictures, can occasionally persuade viewers into believing that mewing works.

But, it is important to remember that such sources aren’t always dependable.

Lots of these online tutorials usually consist of several weeks or months of practicing mewing, instead of the required years.

Furthermore, images can be deceiving because of shadows and lighting.

The angle where the men and women in the pictures position their heads can also make the jaw seem more defined.

How to Mew:

Mewing is the technique of flattening out your tongue from the roof of your mouth.

To properly mew, you have to relax your tongue and be sure it’s entirely against the roof of your mouth, including the rear of the tongue.

As time passes, your muscles are going to remember how to place your tongue at the correct mewing position so that it becomes second nature.

Just like with any DIY technique that appears too good to be true, there is a catch with mewing it could take years to see results.

That means you should not assume that you can quickly fix any issues on your own by mewing here and there.

In cases like this, researchers found the 33 men and women in the study did not exhibit any signs of altered muscle action.


Whilst not inherently dangerous, there’s not enough evidence available to support the mewing craze for defining your jawline.

In case you have any distress or decorative issues in the jaw region, see your physician go over treatment choices.

Until mewing is correctly researched as an orthodontic solution, there is no guarantee it will work.

Ask your friends and loved ones for support.

If you’re feeling anxious or depressed, consider joining a support group or seeking counseling. Believe in your ability to take control of the pain…

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