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6 thoughts on “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Migraine Triggers…”

  1. carolyn thompson

    I like your way of explaining when I m reading a blog its sounds like I m talking with a person. well I want to ask is there any medication I can take for my worst headache and you guys can provide me diet guidance for my headache problem pls let me know
    thank you

  2. I like your explanation way in this article I get so much guide so I can change my diet plan and also I get the trigger point. really want to appreciate your work

  3. Awesome article! Thanks for sharing this. I too suffer from migraines. I was diagnosed at 12 yrs old & I am 37 now. My dad suffered from cluster headaches for many many years. He is no longer with us due to having cancer twice but I remember the pain and struggles he went thru as well. Now my 13 yr old has migraines and he too was diagnosed at 12 yrs old. It is definitely something I would never wish on anyone.

  4. Just reading this made me almost start crying. I have been suffering from severe migraines since I was 9. I’m now almost 17 and I have literally heard every single one of these. if more people could understand what it’s like (i would never wish this upon anyone) but to just get that even though you have been away for a week does not mean that I’ve been sitting on the couch watching TV like they do when they’re ‘sick’. I can’t even count a number of times I’ve heard “yeah, I’ve had a migraine once. but I just took some panadol (paracetamol) and I was fine”. all I really wanted to say to them was that you have no idea what it is like until you experience it yourself. also when someone tells you that it’s just stress or that you will grow out of it. yeah, it TOTALLY just stresses completely ignoring the fact my great grampa, my grandma, AND my mum all get severe migraines too.
    I really wish this was something that more people know about and understand that it’s not just as simple as taking something and getting on with it.

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