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Cleanse Crystals

A Beginner’s Guide for How to Cleanse Crystals

Cleanse Crystals:

Although working with crystals is a well-known method, it’s important to remember that there’s no evidence-based research to prove the benefits of crystals. Actually, the review in 2009 published by trusted Sources suggested that the alleged advantages of crystal healing could be due to the placebo effect.

However, many believe in the advantages of crystals. There’s no harm in taking a look as a complement to your treatment. A lot of people utilize crystals to relax their bodies, mind, and soul. They believe that they work at an energetic level, emitting natural vibrations to the world.

Crystals are often transported over long distances from their source to the seller prior to the moment when a purchase is completed. Each time a stone is exposed to energies that could be out of alignment with your own.

If used to heal the stones are believed to be able to soak up or hide negative energy that you’re working to release.

Cleaning Crystals and recharging your crystals is the only method of restoring your crystal back to its original state. This simple act of care will also help to reenergize your feeling of purpose. Learn about the most commonly used cleaning techniques to cleanse crystals and how to align a stone with your goal, and more.

Cleanse Crystals

Water running:

Water is believed to neutralize the negative energy that is stored in the stone and release it into the Earth. While natural water running like streams is ideal, you may also wash your stone using the tap.

Whatever the source of water be sure your stone is submerged completely. Dry it after the stone is completely dry.

Time range: 1 minute per stone

Uses: This can be used for stones, like quartz

Do not use it for stones that are fragile or soft, like selenite, kyanite, and halite

Cleanse Crystals


Salt has been used throughout time to neutralize negative energy and dispel negative thoughts.

If you’re in the vicinity of the ocean, think about taking a bowl of fresh saltwater. If not, mix a tablespoon of sea, rock, or table salt in the water in a bowl.

Be sure your stone is submerged completely, and let it soak for several hours to a few weeks in total. Rinse it and pat dry once completed.

Time range: between 48 hours

Uses: This is for hard stones, like amethyst and quartz

Do not use it for Stones that are porous, soft, or have trace metals, like malachite and selenite, as well as lepidolite, calcite, halite, and Angelite.

Cleanse Crystals

Brown rice:

This technique can also be employed to remove negativity from an environment that is safe and secure. It’s particularly useful for protective stones like black tourmaline.

To accomplish this, put a bowl full of dry brown rice, then place your stone in the rice. Eliminate the rice as soon as you can following the cleansing process since the rice is believed to absorb the energy you’re trying to remove.

Time range: 24 hours

Uses: This can be used for any stone

Cleanse Crystals

Natural light:

While ritual cleansing is usually concentrated around specific times of the lunar or solar cycle, you may put your stone at any time to purify and replenish.

Put your stone out prior to the night falls and make plans to have it ready by 11 a.m. This allows your stone to be bathed with the light from the sun and moon.

Exposure to sunlight for long periods could cause damage to the stone’s surface. Therefore, be sure to return it in the early morning.

If you’re able put your stone directly on earth. This will facilitate more cleansing. No matter where they are, be sure that they don’t get in any way disturbed by wildlife or by passersby.

Then you give your stone an easy wash to clean any dirt and debris. Pat dry.

Time range: 10-12 hours

Uses: This is for the majority of crushed stones

Avoid using this to treat: colorful stones, like amethyst in the sun as well as soft stones like celestite, halite, and selenite that could be damaged by the weather.

Cleanse Crystals


Sage can be described as a sacred plant that has numerous healing properties. The act of smudging your stone is believed to remove negative vibrations and restore the energy of the stone.

You’ll need:

  • a fire-safe bowl
  • Matches or lighters
  • Sage that is loose or bundled

If you’re unable to get rid of it outside, ensure you’re close to an open window. This allows the negative energy and the smoke to disperse.

Once you’re done, light the sage’s tip by using the flame. Transfer the sage into your hands that are not dominant and then hold your stone in your hand and then move it across the smoke.

Let the smoke engulf the stone for approximately 30 minutes. If it’s been a while since you last cleaned -or you feel that your stone has been holding the most — think about continuing to smudge for 30 minutes.

Estimated duration: 30-60 seconds for each stone

Uses: This can be used for any stone

Cleanse Crystals


Sound healing permits a single tone or pitch to spread across an area, bringing it to the same frequency as the tone.

It is possible to accomplish this using singing bowls, chanting as well as a tuning fork or even a beautiful bell. It doesn’t matter where the key of the sound comes from, as the sound is sufficiently loud for the vibration to completely surround the stone.

This technique is perfect for collectors who own many crystals that are difficult to inventory or transfer.

Approximate duration: 5 to 10 minutes

Uses: This can be used for any stone

Cleanse Crystals

Utilizing a bigger stone:

Amethyst Geodes, large quartz clusters, and selenite slabs are excellent tools to clear smaller stones.

Put your stone directly into and on top of one or all of the stones. It is believed that the bigger stone’s vibrations eliminate the inharmonious energy that is in the stone that rests.

Time range: 24 hours

Uses: You can use this on any stone

Cleanse Crystals

Utilizing smaller stones:

Carnelian crystals, quartz that is clear, and hematite are all believed to have a general cleansing effect.

Because they are generally smaller, it is possible to have several available to get rid of other stones.

Put the stones that you have cleared into an appropriate bowl. Then place the stone you wish to repair on the top.

Time range: 24 hours

Uses: You can use this on any stone

Cleanse Crystals


Breathwork is also an effective way to cleanse.

To begin, place the stone with your palm. Keep your focus on your intention for a few seconds and then deeply breathe in through your nose.

The stone should be closer to your face, and exhale a few powerful, short breaths through your nose and then onto the stone, bringing the stone to its highest level of vibration.

Approximate duration: about 30 seconds per stone

Uses: Make use of this for small stones

Cleanse Crystals


Although it is believed to be the most secure way to clear stones, it could be a bit daunting for certain. The more aligned you are to your inner self-image the easier it can be to channel your focus towards the stone you’d like to heal.

It is a good idea to take a few moments to be on the ground and refocus your energy Then, grab your stone and imagine your hands filled with light and white light.

Look at the light around the stone, and feel it grow more intensely within your fingers. Imagine the impurities being flushed out of the stone making the stone shine brighter and with renewed energy.

Keep doing this until you sense a shift in the energy of the stone.

Estimated duration: about 1 minute per stone

Uses: You can use this on any stone

Cleanse Crystals
Cleanse Crystals

How do you program your crystal to work:

While crystals are believed to possess healing powers in themselves and healing properties, taking time to create the intention for your crystal will allow you to get in touch with its energy and bring back your own feeling of significance.

It is possible to be comfortable with the stone in your hands while you meditate or place it on the third eye of your body. It is also possible to lay back and let the stone rest on the chakra, or the area of the body you want to work on.

Visualize the energy of the stone merging with yours. Contact the stone either verbally or in silence and ask for guidance to work through your current project.

The stone should be praised for its presence and then spend some time in meditation.

Cleanse Crystals

How do you activate your crystal:

If your stone is heavier than you expected or feels like it’s lost its shine you might be in need of a bit of energetic activation.

Consider lending the animal some of your energy by talking to it or singing to it or sending it vital life force energy with your breath. A small amount of interaction can make a difference!

If you plan to spend time going outside, you should consider taking your stone with you. Many people have found that letting the stone absorb the natural energy of the beach or in the park has the power to transform.

You could also design the grid of activation by covering the stone with more powerful equivalents. Most popular stones include ruby crystallized quartz, apophyllite selenite, kyanite as well as carnelian.

You can choose any stones you are drawn to. Make sure that they completely cover the main crystal so that it is able to fully soak in its vibrating energy.

Cleanse Crystals

The bottom line is:

If we take care of our crystals, we’re taking care of ourselves. We’re allowing energy that’s not in harmony with our goals and our lives to go away in a tranquil and healing way.

Taking these simple steps, allows us to remain aware when we interact with rocks, our own, and with other people.

Ask your friends and loved ones for support.

Hope you find this article on Cleanse Crystals helpful enough to give you information about How to Cleanse Crystals 10 Best ways for Activating which are very helpful to get rid of it easily.

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Common Questions:

When do I have to clean my stones?

The more frequently you utilize a stone, the greater the amount of energy that it accumulates. The best guideline is to clean all of the stones you have at least once per month.
If a particular stone feels heavier than normal it is time to clean it. There is no need to wait for a certain period of time between cleanings.
Cleanse Crystals

What is the best way to cleanse stones?

Choose a strategy that aligns with your own practices and beliefs. What works for you might not be as effective for another person So take note of the way you feel.
Cleanse Crystals

What do I need to do about my stone after they’ve been cleaned?

Find the right places to keep your stones. If possible, keep them near windows or near plants to absorb this natural energy for healing. If not, you can place them on your desk, your home, or in a manner that is aligned with your intention.
Cleanse Crystals

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